Introduction to Openvolt

The world is going through a generational shift in how energy is created and consumed. Global demand for power is set to 3x by 2050, driven by the electrification of everything (EVs in transport, Heat Pumps for building heating, changes in industrial processes, etc) as well as new significant sources of energy demand, such as AI compute. At the same time the supply side is facing the challenge of managing intermittency brought by the continued rollout of utility scale renewables generation. In order for the energy transition to be successful we need to ensure the trillions of dollars being invested in this supply and demand hardware is complemented by software that can optimise how these assets function. In other words, we need a new software layer to accompany the hardware layer.

We can already see this software layer is being built. There has been a surge of developer focus in creating new applications focused on the energy transition: in home and commercial energy management, demand response and VPPs, EV charging, emissions reporting and in solar and other DER sales software.

All of these applications need access to a core set of Data, Devices, Markets and Logic in order to deliver on their value proposition. This is where Openvolt comes in. At Openvolt we want to solve this infrastructure problem so that these applications can be built faster, scaled faster and deliver impact sooner.

We are starting with unlocking access to smart meter data. Smart meters are the central nodes that track energy demand (and in some cases supply) and the data is critical to the application domains mentioned above. We are building the Openvolt API to make it as easy as possible to ingest smart meter data into your application.

However this is just the beginning. Expect to see the Openvolt API capability grow over the coming months and years - with new data sources, devices, markets and logic modules, as we build out the infrastructure needed to power your application. If you have a specific infrastructure need, we would love to hear from you. Please reach out to us here.

Happy building!