Launching Events and Webhooks

Rob Enke

Founding Engineer

At Openvolt we are on a mission to create the best developer experience possible. As part of this we believe it’s critical to provide developers with insight into what is happening under the hood of the API. Specifically, if you want to trigger an action in your app when something happens (such as a backfill of data being completed), or know when your customers are doing some action (granting consent to a meter), we want to empower you with access to that information. For that reason we have created Events. An Event is a change on the Openvolt platform that is relevant to your application.


An Event is a change on the Openvolt platform that is relevant to your application

We are starting off with exposing the following events

  • meter_data.received
  • meter.created
  • user.created
  • customer.created
  • api_keys.rotated
  • hosted_consent.approved
  • hosted_consent.revoked

Some events are better processed by people on your team (hosted_consent.revoked), while others should be automatically handled by your application (meter_data.received) You can subscribe to these events through either webhooks or email depending on your need.

To find out more about Events and how to get the best out of our platform, please check out our An introduction to Events

Other Updates


  • Hosted consents now have a description field that can be used to provide more detail about a hosted consent
  • New evidence endpoint for hosted consents


  • Evidence field is now removed from the consent objects in favour of a specific endpoint



  • On consent flows, we renamed gb.domestic.specific to gb.residential.specific
  • We no longer send revocation emails when a consent is approved. End customers of our users can email [email protected] instead and we will process their request there


  • Meter response now returns the full customer object where as before it was just the customer_id