Unlocking Richer Insights With Half-hourly Carbon Emissions Data for UK Electricity Meters

Tom Freeborough

Founding Engineer

We have been working hard on ways to bring richer insights into smart meter data to enhance your product offerings to customers. One frequently requested feature is the ability to see the carbon impact of a meter's usage; specifically, to provide the amount of carbon dioxide (gCO2) on a half-hourly basis for a given meter.

With that said, we are very happy to announce that developers can now opt-in to receive half-hourly carbon emissions data for UK electricity smart meters, both residential and commercial!

Carbon emissions data through Openvolt is regionalized to the specific DNO (Distribution Network Operator) for the region where your smart meter is located. This allows us to provide more accurate reporting than simply using a national carbon intensity value for the UK.

This data is already available in the Openvolt dashboard for UK electricity smart meters and through the interval-data API.

Happy coding!