New Developer Dashboard

Tom Freeborough

Founding Engineer

Today we are very excited to announce the release of our new Developer Dashboard. As avid users of API's ourselves, we know that creating an integration can be a total breeze or a total nightmare, depending on how much information you have at your fingertips. Our drive to make as much information available to you starts with surfacing information about all API requests you make to Openvolt.

The developer dashboard can show you all API requests you made to Openvolt in the past 12 months, allowing you to view endpoints, status codes and even error responses you received for API requests. It also shows the events that are being generated under the hood of the platform, allowing you to subscribe to these via webhooks or email. Our hope is that this will help developers design their integration on top of the Openvolt API and troubleshoot any issues that could arise.

We've also made further improvements to the dashboard to collate developer-focused tools all in one place, such as platform event triggers, team member management and api key rotation. Please hop into the dashboard and give it a try!