Unlocking Access to Smart Meter Data in Spain

Lucas Santos

Founding Engineer

Hosted Consent flow for Spain

Localised hosted consent flow for Spain

We are excited to announce that starting today, our customers can access smart meter data in Spain through Openvolt's Energy API. Our new Spanish connector allows developers to retrieve half-hourly interval consumption data from both commercial and residential electricity meters. Additionally, our compliant hosted consent flows are now available in multiple languages.

This expansion extends our API's reach to two major European markets. With access to approximately 60 million smart meters out of 200 million across Europe, Openvolt is positioned to transform the energy landscape.

Unlock new possibilities and drive efficiency with Openvolt's expanded capabilities. Start leveraging our unified API for your energy data needs today!

Other Updates


  • Internationalisation (i18n) now available for all non-English Hosted Consent flows based on customer location
  • Implemented meter error codes to understand the state of each meter more clearly (accessed on the meter object using the error_code property)
  • Meters can now have the single_fetch and meter_type when being created
  • Dashboard updates
    • API requests can now be filtered by endpoint on developer dashboard
    • List meters screen now includes lots more data about individual meters, including the states of the meters
    • Create meters screen now uses select drop-downs instead of text inputs for easier usability


  • No update


  • Hosted consent routes have stricter validation rules
  • Hosted consents older than 30 days are now considered expired if not completed


  • Handle instance where you try to access a consent that is more than 30 days old and you get a 401
  • Adjusted token flows on the dashboard for a smoother experience